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Common Questions

What is TelcoXchange?

TelcoXchange is a trading name for Telco Exchange Ltd, a web portal exclusively for telecom companies to buy bandwidth, sell bandwidth as well as trade surplus telecom and IT equipment.

Does TelcoXchange charge any commission on deals?

TelcoXchange doesn't charge any commission on any deals. Purchase order or contracts are exchanged between members and they negotiate directly with each other.

Who are the members on TelcoXchange?

TelcoXchange member network is exclusively for telecom companies or telecom professionals who are actively engaged in telecom industry as carriers, service providers, whole-sellers, ISPs, mobile operators, data-centres, MVNOs, manufacturers and large system integrator.

How to sign up for the Free Trial?

Click on pricing>select membership type>select account type>enter your detail> If you need any help then please email us at

Is there any need for credit card or payment detail to Register?

No, TelcoXchange don't require any credit card or payment detail. Sign up and register process is completely free.

Can I get charged after free trial expires?

No, once your free trial is over and you are happy with services then you can subscribe for full membership. You will not be charged until you decide to subscribe for full membership.

How does member verification work?

TelcoXchange membership is given to a telecom company or a telecom professional who is currently an employee with a telecom company. Each member is verified by a phone call and email to qualify for the membership.

How to search for Bandwidth?

To search bandwidth you need to log in and then type your search query in the search box, you can type cable system, landing station, city name or capacity type such as Lease Line, Ethernet, Internet and MPLS.

How to search Telecom Parts?

To search telecom parts you need to Log In, then you can type your query in the search box, you can search by part number, description or manufacturer name.

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