Bandwidth Trading

Sell your domestic and international bandwidth using our bespoke software which enables you to upload and showcase your capacity routes on global interactive maps. You can easily check the demand and supply situation and connect with buyers to make a successful sale or purchase.

Sell Bandwidth

  • Upload bandwidth routes
  • Showcase your capacity on submarine cable maps
  • Classify your Capacity type such as Point to Point, Ethernet, MPLS or Internet
  • Define your submarine cable system name
  • Access all the cable landing stations
  • Update your domestic bandwidth by city names

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Buy Bandwidth

Buy bandwidth by searching submarine cable system name, landing station name, capacity or city name. Get connected with seller and negotiate your own terms.

  • Search capacity type such as point to point, Ethernet, internet or MPLS
  • Search by company name
  • Get access of company detail who is selling
  • Get complete contact detail of seller
  • Directly contact the seller
  • Find last miles 

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Get connected with our innovative broadcasts process

  • Create broadcasts to reach out
  • Choose a broadcast type such as Want to Buy, Want to Sell or Request for Quote
  • Select bandwidth and locations
  • Select your specific cable system for international bandwidth
  • Select your terms, target price and region
  • Customise your message and create your broadcast

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Telecoms Equipment Trading

Sell your surplus,used and manufacturer discountinued equipment. Showcase your inventory on our platform and connect with buyers directly.

Sell Telecoms Equipment

  • Upload your telecoms equipment inventory
  • Upload large list as a csv file
  • Update condition of your inventory as used or new
  • Upload an image of telecoms parts
  • Search parts by manufacturer name and part numbers

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Buy Telecoms Equipment

Buy equiment by searching manufacturer part number, manufacturer name, company name, condition. You can find large inventory of used, new or surplus equipment available for sale.

  • Search telecoms parts
  • Search by part numbers and condition
  • Select supplier from your region
  • Contact the supplier
  • Send broadcast to buy?

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Watch our demo video to learn how to use TelcoXchange for Trading Equipment

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