Admin10 Jun 2015 10:16

Europe - Middle East & India Connectivity Solution

World is getting smaller and flatter, you can get to and from places faster than ever before. Information travels with the speed of light across the continents, content gets delivered to billions of users in fraction of a second. Core communication technology behind this fastest ever new world is optical fibre cables which are buried under sea to connect our continents. Data travels in the form of light and content is delivered...

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Admin13 May 2015 15:16

International Capacity Routes

Expand your supplier network and buy bandwidth at the best price directly from carriers and wholesale providers. No commission or transaction fee on your trades, it is a carrier neutral free of charge platform. Here is a glimpse of available routes on major submarine cable systems offered by biggest carriers in the world.   Network Map for available capacity at TelcoXchange.   Detailed summary of these routes in the table format is...

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Admin16 Apr 2015 16:00

Can you trade bandwidth as a commodity?

This is a debatable argument that bandwidth can be traded as a commodity. Many industry veterans believe bandwidth is a standard product and it can be traded, although this trade completely depends on certain factors, conditions and assumptions.     An enterprise customer can never benefit from this trade since they need a complete solution, which is built upon vanilla bandwidth. For instance, their network needs dynamic and new products, which can...

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Admin24 Jul 2014 09:46

21st Century Carrier Sales

Did Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn call you to sign up and use their services?  Guess NOT.  Did you receive a traditional MS power-point presentation from any of these companies?  Guess NOT.   What has changed and what is changing in the 21st century? We think that the entire sales process has been changed in the 21st century. New business community believes in empowering their customer by providing them...

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Admin14 Apr 2014 18:29

Buy Bandwidth - Top 5 tips to buy bandwidth

Buying bandwidth is a very big decision, your business, productivity, reliability and most importantly customer satisfaction depends on your network uptime. Here are top 5 tips to buy bandwidth; these are very useful when you are planning to buy domestic or international bandwidth.   1. Feasibility2. Topology3. SLA (service level agreement)4. Escalation Matrix5. Service assurance.   1. Feasibility Get the feasibility done for your complete address including the last mile. Most of...

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Admin17 Oct 2013 20:17

How To Buy Last Mile

Telecom carriers spend billions of dollars in building backbone networks; Last Mile in telecom industry is the last leg of connectivity from the backbone. There are several technologies to deliver last mile depending up on capacity requirement: Plain Old Telephone Systems (POTS) ISDN, somewhat faster technology than regular phone service Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) Wireless Optical Fibre and its transmission technologies Incumbents develop last Mile network in every country and it is...

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Admin12 Sep 2013 13:22

Cut Out The Middleman

Remember the old golden days of telecom carrier sales; it was more of a relationship building than todays sales pitch with endless explanation of product features such as uptime, low latency, redundancy and multiple routing topologies. Customers were classified as carrier partners for building new networks and exchanging capacity routes for better coverage and reach. Today carrier sales have dramatically changed and most of the telecom industry considers bandwidth as commodity. We...

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Admin10 Jan 2013 21:08

What’s there on a Telco’s shelf?

It has completely changed the way we do our shopping these days. Gone are the days when we used to make a list of things and hit many shops to find the best quality and bargains. Supermarkets have really done a great job and made our life easy with large stores where everything is on shelves or online. You can simply browse and buy as per your needs. I am quite...

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